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Welcome to Your Credit Man

Jimmy Kavadas, Your Credit Man, is now at Reid's Auto Connection

We are a credit repair dealership in St. Louis, MO serving, the city of St. Louis and surrounding metro areas. We look forward to the opportunity to assist you in your next pre-owned car, truck or suv purchase. Come See Us Today!!

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Who is Your Credit Man?
Hi folks, I’m Jimmy Kavadas, you know me ….for years I’ve been helping people get a car and re-establish their credit. I’ve opened my own business and am here to help “Get Back on Track” with your credit. What separates me from other programs is just like you, I’ve been there! I know from first-hand experience how it feels! With no assistance I too painfully navigated through the system and found what worked to get my credit re- established so I could “Get Back on Track” with my life. Because of my experiences I have devoted myself in developing a program to help others who truly want to re-establish their credit. Over the past 10 years my Credit Re-establishment Program has helped over 2,000 people re-establish their credit and “Get Back on Track”!

Let Me Explain How IMPORTANT Your Credit Is
If you want to buy a car and can afford a $400 monthly payment and you have or you’ve had credit issues you could probably only buy about a $14,000 car. But, with no credit issues $400 a month would mean you could now buy about a $19,500 car! Which means you would have about $4,500 MORE IN PURCHASING POWER!!

Bankruptcy or issues with your credit can often leave an individual and their family with feelings of shame or inadequacy. And, because of this they don't always take advantage of the programs that are available to help them "Get Back on Track".

Take the time to look over my site – read my customer’s testimonials and if you want me to help you “Get Back on Track”, then please take the five minutes and complete the online application or call us at (314) 481-1881.

WhatThe Credit Re-establish Program Provides
•A Lender who will finance your vehicle, even if you’re in an open Chapter 7 or 13.
•An opportunity to establish and build a relationship with a FULL SERVICE Lender.
•The ability to upgrade your vehicle after 2 years of meeting your agreed upon payment terms*
•Lower Mileage vehicles with warranty
•Reduction in rate as payments are made on time*
•Chapter 13 Proposals for court/Trustee approval
*Certain restrictions apply

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